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Donation-U are welcome to give yr valuable money in service of mother cows.


1- Life Time Member And Akshay Gau Sewa - 1,00,000 INR
2. Special Invited Member - 51,000 INR
3. Per Month Medicines - 31000 INR
4. One big gadi cow fodder donation - 21000 INR
5. Adopt a Gau Mata for a year - 11000 INR
6. One small gadi cow fodder donation - 7100 INR
7. sewa on birthday,marriage anniversary and any special day.
Gud (sweet) sewa - 5100 INR /
Green fodder - 3100 INR/
Pandit ji will perform a havan there for your good health and prosperous life.One brick contribution to Vererinary hospital. - 500 INR/

( You are welcome to celebrate your birthday,anniversary or other festivals with Gau-Matas,We will do a havan for yr livelong,wealth and good health on this day)

1. Hospital Care for Gau-Mata - 5100 INR
2. Adopt a Gau-Mata For a Year - 11000 INR

(A Gau-Mata will be served by your family for a year in this donation)