Radhe Radhe

Shri Sanjeev Krishna Thakur Ji

We are a Hindu that belives in Lord Rama and Vishnu Deva the followers and We are a Hindu that belives in Lord Rama and Vishnu Deva.

The great devotee Shraddey Shri Sanjiv Krishna Thakur Ji, who spread Sanatan Dharma in the country and abroad By reciting Shri madh Bhagwat Katha, Ram Katha, Shiv Mahapuran Katha Bhakta Maal Katha was born on 23 December 1984 in Brijbhoomi in a Godly Brahmin family.

The values he received from his parents and teachers gave him the privilege of sitting on the vyas peeth at the age of just12 years.You did your first Bhagwat Katha at the age of 12 in Siddha Shri Lachchi Ram Baba Mandir, Village Phalen of Brij Bhoomi.

You have received education up to the level of Acharya from Dharmasangh Sanskrit College, Vrindavan.

Aastha TV channel and other social media channels continues to spread your katha and motivational speech throughout the world, receiving inspiration from which the youth today are moving forward on the right path.In spiritual journey of your 28 years you have narrated more than 500 kathas in India or outside of India in America,Britain,Europe,Canada and in many other countries.

You have been honoured by the government and other non-government organizations.

You have also been appointed as ambassador of Peace by Universal Peace Foundation UK.

Along with the living beings, your life is dedicated to the service of Gauvansh (Cows). You believe that the silent soul who cannot tell anyone about his hunger,thirst and pain, it is our duty to serve all the living beings.

For the last 15 years, you have been serving more than 500 old, sick and non-milking cow mothers through Samarpan Gaushala in Shri Giriraj Ji.

As a young preecher, you have been recognized in the country and abroad by millions of people who have been inspired by your speech and personality and are dedicating their lives to service, philanthropy and serving Mother India.

Object of your trust.
  • Service to the destitute cow progeny.
  • Marriage of daughters from poor families.
  • Helping bright daughters of poor families to get higher education.
  • Free food distribution.
  • Organizing medical camps in tribal areas.
  • Propagation of Sanatan Dharma.
  • To connect the Indians living abroad with the service of Mother India.